26920 Oak Cove,Elkhart,IN26920 Oak Cove, Elkhart, IN 46514

26920 Oak Cove
Elkhart, IN 46514

4 Beds / 0 Baths

Price: $239,900
Sq Ft
Year Built: 1964

Zestimate: $238,624
Low: $207,603
Hi: $283,963

Rent Zestimate: $1,592
Low: $1,353
Hi: $1,799

Status: Off Market
On Revestor: Days

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Public Record
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26920 Oak Cove Elkhart, IN 46514
4 Beds • 0 Baths • Sq Ft.
Status off market Off Market
Summary open close
• MLS#
• Year Built 1964
• formally listed by RE/MAX Excellence

Public Record

Zestimate: $238,624
Low: $207,603
Hi: $283,963

Rent Zestimate: $1,592
Low: $1,353
Hi: $1,799

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